Worried About Storage Problems With Your Basement? 4 Reasons To Rely On A Storage Unit Instead

Renting a storage unit may be unnecessary if you have a large basement and are already using it for your storage needs. While a basement should be able to fit a lot of items so that your home is more organized, there are a number of drawbacks you should consider that can come with only using a basement.

Damp Basements Can Lead to Mildew

One of the biggest issues to watch out for if you use your basement as your main source of storage is mildew. Since basements can often get quite damp—especially if you live in a humid or wet climate—you need to be aware that mildew can quickly get out of control if you don't routinely clean the basement and treat any signs of mildew as soon as it is discovered.

With mildew in a basement, you can expect a lot of damage being done to anything in storage—something that can be avoided entirely through renting a self-storage unit.

Flooding Could Be a Risk

Another thing to be aware of when using a basement as storage is the chance of flooding that could occur. The chances of flooding can go up even higher if there is a washing machine or separate bath in the basement. This can be especially problematic if you are storing anything valuable or items that will be damaged significantly by moisture. While flooding isn't entirely preventable in a storage unit, the chances of it happening are much slimmer and you can still have insurance that protects the contents.

Better Suited for Other Purposes

While it is certainly possible to use your basement for storage purposes, this can lead to a large amount of square footage in your home going out of use. Instead of devoting your basement to just storage, you should look into how you could enjoy a home office, game room, or even a rental space with a refinished basement.

Pests Can Be Better Kept Out of the Storage Unit

Treating your basement for pests is likely part of your home maintenance already, but it can lead to issues if you don't examine all the small corners of the basement. Even tiny spiders could damage your items in storage, making the consistent pest control that comes with a self-storage unit a good choice.

If you're interested in renting a self-storage unit, but are unsure about what benefits come with one instead of a basement, all you need to do is consider the reliability and extra assurance that storage units come with. Visit a storage facility like http://oaklandavestorage.com/ today.