Moving House? 4 Things You Should Never Try To Move On Your Own

It is the week before your big move. You have been packing up your things for weeks and are starting to feel the stress of the move weighing down on you. You may decide to request friends and family to help you move to save time and cash. However, there are some things you definitely should leave to experienced moving professionals. Here are four things you should not attempt to move alone when moving house.

1. Aquarium

If you have ever tried to move an aquarium from one corner of your home to the other, then you know how daunting it can be. Now imagine trying to move the aquarium down the stairs and loading it into the vehicle, then unloading and carrying it to your new home. Well, this can be a tormenting experience for you and your fish. And if you are not careful enough, you could damage your aquarium, injure yourself, or even kill your fish for a few bucks. If you really care about your fish, you have every reason to hire moving services to move your aquarium. They know how to safely and conveniently handle the decorations, plants, the tank, and most importantly, the fish.

2. Piano

As mentioned, moving is a complicated affair, but when you add a piano into the move, things can be downright mind-boggling. A typical piano is extremely heavy, and trying to move it alone could expose it to damage, not to mention cause injuries. And if you think weight is the only issue, there is more to moving a piano than lifting the weight. Pianos come with irregular shapes that make them even harder to move. But you can avoid the risk and stress of moving your piano by entrusting a moving service to do it for you.

3. Firearms

If you are a firearm lover, you probably have some guns and ammunition. Moving firearms and ammunition is not as easy as you think. First, there are laws for moving guns; if you do not follow them, you could land yourself in legal trouble. Second, ammunition is explosive, and a slight mistake is enough to set your car or home on fire. That is why hiring an experienced moving service to move your firearms is invaluable.

4. Artwork and Priceless Heirlooms

Artwork and heirlooms may not be heavy, but they are extremely fragile and unique. They have to be packed and moved with unmatched care, or they could incur damage and lose their meaning or value. However, you can always leave your artwork and heirlooms to a professional moving service, and you will be glad you did.

Moving house is a demanding job, and there are some things that you should never move on your own. Pianos, firearms, artwork, and aquarium are all best left to a moving company. They have the experience and the proper equipment to safely move these items.

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