Maximize Your Storage Unit While Maintaining The Ability To Access Your Stuff

How do you maximize the number of things you can put in a storage unit while maintaining the ability to access everything in the unit? Instead of leaving a path through the center of the unit that could be filled with more stuff or having to go through the back-breaking task of moving everything to get what's in the back of the unit, you can get creative with how you put things in there. Here, you will learn a couple of ideas that can help.

Movable Pallets

Pallets are cheap and can be found in many places. Those cheap pallets can be transformed into platforms that can be moved in and out of the storage unit with ease.

You will need a pallet in good condition, heavy-duty caster wheels with hardware, rope or an old handle from a wagon and a drill with screwdriver and drill bits.

Turn the pallet upside-down and place the four caster wheels on each of the corners. Mark the hole placement and set the casters aside. Drill the holes for the screws, position the casters and insert the screws.

If you are using an old handle from a wagon, center it at what will be the front of the pallet, drill holes for the screws, place the handle and insert the screws.

Note: The handle is a better option because you can use it to push the pallet back into place when you are done. If you opt to use rope, you will have to bend over and push the pallet itself to reposition it back in the unit.

Load up the pallet with your goods, making sure that the heavier bins and boxes are on the bottom to prevent it from becoming top-heavy. Wrap it with some plastic wrap or ratchet straps to keep everything in place. Push it into the open space in your storage unit and you're done.

Wheeled Shelving Units

Instead of lining the walls of the unit with shelves that are pressed up against the wall, put wheels on them and turn them sideways. Of course you will want to use deeper shelves to maintain stability, and put heavier items on the bottom, but you will be able to load the storage unit with sideways shelving units that you can pull in and out of place when you need to get something.

Your storage unit can be highly functional and maximized with a little creativity. Try these tips and see how much more you can fit into the unit while maintaining the ability to access what you need when you need it. Contact a business, such as Santa Monica Mini Storage, for more information.