Four Tips For Moving When Time Isn't Exactly On Your Side

In a perfect world, moves are scheduled several months in advance, offering you plenty of time to plan and prepare. Whether it's a marriage separation or a job opportunity that requires you to make an immediate transfer, sometimes you have no advance warning. While it won't exactly be a breeze, you can navigate a quick move and do so successfully.

Collect Important Documents

Take a few moments to collect all your important documents and make a mental note (or physical note!) of where these documents end up. When packing last minute, you're less likely to take your time and sort through the items you're packing. You might inadvertently pack some information you don't know you'll need, such as a birth certificate, which may be required if you have a small child that unexpectedly needs to travel by air. If you set these important documents aside beforehand, you are less likely to make this mistake.

Call A Donation Center

When you have time to plan a move, you can have a yard sale to get rid of any of the items you don't want to take with you. A last minute move doesn't always afford this luxury. Consider calling a donation center to come collect your unwanted belongings. Donation centers often have delivery trucks that will come to your home and load the items so that you don't have to. Additionally, depending on how much you donate, you may get a receipt for a tax credit.

Hire A Moving Company

It's a good idea to consider hiring a professional moving company when you are moving last minute. First, this can help you save on wasted material costs. For instance, someone in a hurry is more likely to visit a moving supplies store and walk out with more boxes, tape and other supplies than they need just to make sure they don't have to return to get more supplies. Unfortunately, many moving stores don't accept returns and these materials can be costly. Professional movers will only use what they need and they will only charge for what they use.

Schedule A Professional Cleaning

You want to leave the home as clean as possible. Your home might look clean now, but moves have a way of bringing out the dirt, dust and grime from every inch of your home. Take much of the stress off of yourself by scheduling a professional cleaning service. With all the chaos of a last minute move, cleaning is the last thing you will feel like doing, so allow someone else to do it for you.  

A last minute move is not an impossible feat. Although it will take a little extra effort, you can successfully complete your move.