Handling A Move With Kids After Divorce

If you are going through a divorce and will be relocating with the kids, this can be a stressful time for everyone in your family. A life-changing event such as moving is tough on its own. If this move also involves relocating kids along with you, this should be planned out as thoughtfully as possible. Here are four tips for handling a move with kids after divorce.

1. Open Communication With Kids

Even if you and your ex-spouse aren't seeing eye-to-eye on all your divorce proceedings, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep a united front around your children. Sit them down together and discuss openly the plans for a move, especially if one parent will be staying and another parent will be moving with the kids. This might involve logistics such as the game plan with professional moving services or more sensitive topics such as assurances that both parents will still be in the picture even with separate living situations.

2. Don't Involve Everyone on Move Day

It might be too stressful to have the entire family present on moving day. If packing can be done in advance, the parent moving out can work with professional moving services to coordinate the process. This is especially important if the parent staying isn't 100% on board with the move and might become emotional. If you are worried your ex-spouse will show up and make a scene, don't involve the kids on moving day to spare them any additional distress.

3. Discuss Schedules and Visitation

Moving out of your family home might feel jarring or abrupt to your kids. If you can get them focused on the future and new routines, this can help them transition to their new lifestyle. Discuss future visitation schedules and map these out as clearly as possible so that kids can see their family as an evolving process.

4. Give Kids a Welcome Home Gift

A great way to get your kids excited about their new home and transitioning into new routines is to get them a welcome home gift for the new house. Whether this is a new TV, something for the yard, or a pet, this can help take the edge off of moving. While this might feel like a bribe, your kids have been going through divorce as well and deserve a reward.

If you are packing up the kids and moving out of your once family home, this can be a confusing and scary time for kids. Be sure to be patient with your kids during a move and try to make this as easy of a transition as possible for everyone in your family.

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