Useful Loading Tips For DIY Movers

Loading a moving truck requires skill to keep the items safe throughout the move. If you are planning on a DIY move, here are some helpful tips to help you with the loading:

Be Safe

Before loading the truck, make sure you have all the tools and safety gear you need to stay safe throughout the task.  A dolly, leather gloves and footwear with good grip are some of the items you may need. You also need a helper to help you handle heavy weights.

Heavy Items First and Down

You need to distribute the weight evenly to keep the truck stable on the road. The best way to achieve this is to load the heavy items first and place the lighter ones on top. This will also prevent heavy boxes from crushing other items at the back of the truck.

Flat Items against the Walls

You can place flat items on the bed of the track as long as they aren't fragile and won't get damaged. You can do that with flat iron sheets, for example, since they won't get damaged. For materials that may get damaged during transit, such as mattresses and tabletops, its best to lay them flat against the tracks walls and tie them securely.

Fill All Spaces

Pack items tightly without leaving any spaces. Use small objects, as long as they aren't fragile, to fill any remaining spaces. This helps to even the weight, stabilize your items, optimize space utilization, and provide flat surfaces for stacking more items.

Strap the Items

Loose items can get damaged by banging against each other or the truck's walls. Prevent such damage by securing your loads with straps. It's inefficient to wait till you have loaded all the items before strapping them down. Rather, strap them down into sections whose number will depend on the size of the truck.

Have the Valuables with You

Lastly, you don't have to throw everything you are carrying to the back of the truck. There are some valuables that are expensive and difficult to replace, and it would be risky to transport them with the other items. Examples of such valuables include financial documents, certificates, expensive jewelry, and similar things. Have these with you at the front of the truck where you can always have an eye on them.

If you are in doubt with your skills, hire a moving company to help you with the move. Otherwise, you may hurt your back due to improper lifting techniques, damage your expensive belongings, or even endanger the lives of other road users with an unstable truck.

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